Reginald Tomas Lee, Sr.

Reginald Tomas Lee, Sr., PhD, is an executive advisor and researcher at Business Dynamics & Research Ltd. He is a pioneer in the areas of capacity and cash flow modeling and he focuses on helping company leaders see, understand, and manage cash flow without relying on accounting data. Reginald is also the author of Explicit Cost Dynamics: An Alternative to Activity Based Costing and Essentials of Capacity Management, as well as more than 40 articles and white papers focusing on cash flow, costing, finance, lean, productivity, risk, and supply chain. Reginald has a PhD in engineering, has worked for GM, IBM, Oracle, and EY, and has advised a number of well known leading brands, including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Burger King, Dell, Disney, Fidelity, Hallmark, The Home Depot, Office Depot, Toyota, and UnitedHealth Group.

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