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The World Journals Collection offers articles and journals from around the world, in over 300 different languages. Our collection includes articles from every field of study, and emphasizes the STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics) subjects.

World Journals is the world’s largest and most comprehensive open access journals discovery portal. Millions of journal articles have been curated, cataloged, and cloud stored; providing patrons with scholarly, peer-reviewed journals and academic research papers.

World Journal Features

  • Single Full Searching
  • Comprehensive Advanced Search Tool
  • Enhanced Discovery Browsable Suggestions
  • Integrated Encyclopedia Article Matching
  • Downloadable PDF Files
  • Self-Publishing Options
  • Social Network Integration
  • Bibliographic Citation Tool
  • Easy-to-Use Administration Dashboard
  • Automated Machine Language Translations
  • All Academic Subjects
  • Curation Inclusion and Exclusion Tool

Federated Search & Discover LITE

The Federated Search & Discover tool grants any library access to a mega-aggregate index of scholarly materials hosted by World Journals in a cloud computing environment. In addition, we integrate all your library’s journals and content into one, easily searchable database for your library patrons.

  • OPAC integration Capabilities

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