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Technology in Learning

Author : Carrie Foster
Bio : Carrie Foster specializes in the facilitation of coaching, people management, and organization development interventions that deliver added value and a measurable ROI to bottom line performance.
ISBN : 9781631578151
Publish Date : 2017/3/7
Page Count : 18
Description :
Why does Technology in Higher Education and Training matter? Distance learning and Blended Learning programmes offers an opportunity beyond that of a delivery method for transmitting module content to learners. This article positions high quality learning, teaching and learners experience as a cultivation and blend of social interactivity alongside the sharing of knowledge, feedback and experience.

Websites That Work: Build an Incredible Website by Following These Twenty-Seven Tips

Author : Winch, David
Bio : David Winch started his own marketing consultancy in 2004 in London
ISBN : 9781631577604
Publish Date : 2017/2/7
Page Count : 10
Description :
Most business websites are high on design, high on coding, yet low on Marketing. To be effective, a business’s website must generate more leads and enquiries more quickly, and make information available to existing clients and casual visitors. This article lifts the lid on the knowledge a business owner needs in order to make certain their designers create a highly effective website for their business.