Managing for Responsibility: A Sourcebook for an Alternative Paradigm

Managing for Responsibility

Radha R. Sharma, Merrill Csuri, Kemi Ogunyemi

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February 14, 2017
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The cascading effects of globalization in the form of changing business environment, economic uncertainties and economic meltdown have brought about a plethora of unprecedented challenges for industry and organizations across the globe in recent years. Management education, which prepares human capital for industry, is expected to address these challenges along with others such as intensifying competition, advancing technology, increasing workforce diversity and accelerating complexity. Yet, current management education is largely based on traditional capitalism where the focus tends toward profits and competitiveness rather than toward a balance among profitability, responsibility, social accountability and sustainability. Consequently, management education in general, and MBA education in particular, need to adopt a paradigm shift in order to be more responsible and sustainable.

The book contains contributions on the core management topics covered in general management, organizational behavior, ethics and social responsibility, with a focus on responsible management. Its chapters come from many authors in PRME schools from eight countries. Hence, it is expected to be useful to all the B-schools, across geographies that are interested in embedding responsibility in their management curriculum and teaching methodology.

Radha R. Sharma

Radha R. Sharma

Radha R. Sharma is Dean, Centers of Excellence, Case Centre; Chair, Center for Positive Scholarship for Organizational Sustainability; Hero MotoCorp Chair Professor, and Professor, Organizational Behavior at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India. She is an executive alumnus, Harvard Business School and has completed CSR certifications from World Bank Institute, the British Council and New Academy of Business UK.

Merrill Csuri

Merrill Csuri, Former Manager, Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Secretariat, United Nations Global Compact, USA.

Kemi Ogunyemi

Kemi Ogunyemi

Kemi Ogunyemi, of the Christopher Kolade Centre for Research in Leadership and Ethics, teaches business ethics, managerial anthropology, self-leadership, and sustainability management at the Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University, Nigeria. She holds degrees in law and business and a PhD in management. Her consulting and research interests include personal ethos and organizational culture, responsible leadership and sustainability, and work–life ethic.

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