Managing Investor Relations: Strategies for Effective Communication

Alexander Laskin

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June 24, 2010
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This book will examine the profession of investor relations from the practical standpoint. The book will define what investor relations is, what investor relations professionals do, what skills and competencies are required to become a successful investor relations practitioner and, finally, how to outsource investor relations services.

The book is targeted at people unfamiliar with the practice of investor relations, who suddenly found themselves faced with the responsibility for the investor relations tasks or hiring investor relations experts. It will also address the needs of those considering investor relations as one of their potential career tracks.

Investor relations is a profession on the borderline between communication, finance and law. This book will address each of these three competencies as essential for successful practice. The book will discuss how these areas contribute to the day-to-day practice of investor relations and what demands they impose on the investor relations professionals.

Alexander V. Laskin

Alexander V. Laskin is an assistant professor at the Department of Public Relations, Quinnipiac University. He received a degree in economic geography and English (1998) from Moscow State Pedagogical University, an MA in communication studies (2003) from the University of Northern Iowa, an MA in international business (2008) from the University of Florida, and a Ph.D. in mass communication (2008) from the University of Florida.

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