The Inscrutable Shopper: Consumer Resistance in Retail

The Inscrutable Shopper: Consumer Resistance in Retail

Stella Minahan, Sean Sands, and Carla Ferraro

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September 6, 2011
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978160649 172 0

If you’re ready for a change and a smarter way to market your business, this book can help. Inside, the authors take a different approach, and ask you to strategically consider and understand your customer base, particularly why some customers may, or may not, choose to purchase (or shop) at all—what the authors define as “the inscrutable shopper.”

This book smartly focuses on providing an understanding of the different customer types that exist today, as context when faced with the challenge in retail when consumption falters, as well as exploring the various strategies to engage inscrutable shoppers, who may be dissatisfied with ethical, green, or broader social issues.

If you’re a retailer, business student, and/or small business owner, you’ll find this book valuable, relevant, and engaging in order to meet the challenge of the often unmanageable, uncontrollable, complex, and constantly changing, inscrutable shopper.

Stella Minahan

Stella Minahan

Dr. Stella Minahan is an associate professor in the Graduate Business School at Deakin University (Australia). She teaches retail, consumer behavior, and entrepreneurship to MBA students. In her career she has worked and consulted for major retailers around the world. Her research focus is retail and consumer behavior.

Sean Sands

Sean Sands is a Research Fellow at the Australian Centre for Retail Studies, a dedicated retail research center within the Department of Marketing at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Sean has taught as a visiting professor at Escuela de Alta Direccin y Administracin (EADA) in Barcelona. He has published several research papers in academic journals, is regularly quoted in the media and presents at retail and marketing conferences internationally.

Carla Ferraro

Carla Ferraro is a Research Fellow at the Australian Centre for Retail Studies, and a visiting professor at EADA in Barcelona. She is currently undertaking her PhD looking at the customer experience and behavior in retail, with the support of one of Australia’s largest retailers. She is published in several academic and trade journals, presents on retail and consumer trends at conferences internationally, and has taught several marketing units including an International Marketing Study program.

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