Entrepreneurial Selling: The Facts Every Entrepreneur Must Know

Entrepreneurial Selling

Vincent Onyemah and Martha Rivera Pasquera

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January 17, 2017
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Onyemah and Pesquera discuss selling in the broadest and best sense— how entrepreneurs can achieve buy-in from crucial stakeholders—and, refreshingly, with pertinent examples from ventures across five continents, not just the United States. Entrepreneurial Selling should be a core resource for founders and joiners of early-stage ventures.” —Frank V. Cespedes, Harvard Business School, author of Aligning Strategy and Sales

Vini and Martha’s book is an ideal guide for getting money from your customers and not just investors. Selling is the most important skill for an entrepreneur and by focusing on practical tools and examples, this book provides the reader with input on how to develop the skill. Enjoy!—Anders Hoffmann, Deputy Director General, Danish Business Authority, Denmark

Entrepreneurial Selling addresses the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs of all kinds in startup, small, medium, or large organizations in their quest to get buy-ins for novel ideas, products or services. In addition to describing typical sales hurdles, the book offers strategies and tactics for effectively overcoming them and growing their list of customers, collaborators, financiers, suppliers, board members, and other sympathizers.



Vincent Onyemah

Dr. Vincent (Vini) Onyemah is associate professor of sales and marketing at Babson College, the global leader in entrepreneurship education. As a teenager, he started two companies. His selling experience spans two decades. He has taught executive education and conducted projects in over 25 countries. Vini is field operations director for BEEP, Babson’s accelerated growth-focused program for scaling up businesses and economies of cities, e.g., Manizales Más (Colombia), Scale-Up Milwaukee (USA), Scale-Up Rio (Brazil), and Scale-Up Northeast Ohio (USA).

Martha Rivera-Pesquera

Dr. Martha Rivera-Pesquera is professor of marketing at IPADE Business School (México). She has consulted for over 30 companies and helped family businesses to scale-up. She teaches executive education and MBA programs in several European and Latin American countries. She has investigated the relationship between organizational justice and salesperson performance in consumer packaged goods companies. She is also board member of many companies.

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