Deconstructing Management Maxims, Volume I: A Critical Examination of Conventional Business Wisdom

Kevin Wayne

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February 14, 2017
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A contrarian challenge to the status quo, this book vigorously champions healthy skepticism in management theory and practice. Several common management maxims—often taken for granted as truisms—are examined and debunked with evidence-based arguments. The constant repetition of these flawed tropes perpetuates their mythological status and limits personal and organizational performance.

Far from a business as usual business book, Deconstructing Management Maxims has been researched with academic rigor yet written in an approachable style. Unafraid of taking on conventional business wisdom, it contains some controversial yet substantiated positions that will provoke critical thinking and debate. After all, sacred cows and long-believed tenets of management lore do not go away quietly. A clear message from this book is that you don’t have to believe everything you read or hear—be it in the classroom or at work! It offers a refreshing break from the constant drumbeat of dronish corporate and academic clichés. This book is best appreciated by readers wanting to think critically about important management phenomena.

Kevin Wayne

Dr. Kevin Wayne is an award-winning scholar and has served as a professor of business administration at Rivier University for the past fourteen years. His unique blend of teaching, scholarship and industry experience provides a valuable perspective for discovering, analyzing and communicating management phenomena. He has been an entrepreneur, executive, consultant, and corporate director with many years of hands-on experience in operations and logistics, new product development, marketing, fund raising, business development, and strategic management.

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