Building Organizational Capacity for Change:The Leader's New Mandate

Building Organizational Capacity for Change

William Q. Judge

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March 6, 2011
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Never before have strategic leaders been confronted with so much overwhelming change. The traditional approach taken by the leader or leaders is to direct or control the organizations’ reaction on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. This approach is stressful and overwhelming for executive leaders, makes middle managers feel torn between honoring their senior leaders and listening to the demands of front line employees, and is alienating for front line employees.

This book offers an alternative to the traditional approach by focusing on building the change capacity of the entire organization in anticipation of future pressures to change. Based on systematic research of more than 5,000 respondents working within more than 200 organization or organizational units conducted during the previous decade, this book offers a clear and proven method for diagnosing your organizational change capacity. While building organizational change capacity is not fast or easy, it is essential for effective leadership and organizational survival in the 21st century.

Advance Praise...

In today’s global economy it is more important than ever for an organization to have the ability to change quickly and effectively to maintain a competitive edge. The better equipped an organization is at accomplishing this goal the more profitable they will be; not being capable of accomplishing this goal will place the very survival of a company at risk. This book provides guidance on how to survive and indeed thrive in the global economy. —B. Wayne Coleman, CEO of CV International, Inc.

This book is a practical guide for busy executives to transform their organizations from business as usual to highly adaptable organizations. I plan to use Dr. Judge’s ideas to help make our organization more resilient to the ever increasing rate of change in the business environment. —David Bolt, Founder and CEO of Sustainable Futures, Inc.

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"I liked the concept of shorter, more concise books that can be read on a long plane ride by busy executives. I have a long and deep respect for Mason Carpenter, the strategic management collection editor and a growing respect for David Parker, the president of the operation. Finally, I talked with an author who had worked with BEP previously and he had a glowing report of his experience with BEP."—Dr. William Q. Judge, E. V. Williams Chair in Strategic Leadership, Old Dominion University

William Q. Judge

William Q. Judge

William Q. Judge is the E.V. Williams Chair of Strategic Leadership and Professor of Strategic Management in the Management Department at the College of Business & Public Administration at Old Dominion University. Dr. Judge’s teaching, research, and consulting expertise is in the area of strategic leadership and organizational change. Dr. Judge currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Corporate Governance: An International Review.

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