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Get Your Subscription to Bookboon’s Textbook World!

Bookboon is the largest ebook publishing house in the US and worldwide; 75 million books downloaded per year; all in education – the key focus is on academic learning.


Simplify teaching and learning

  • Easy to download and use
  • Read on any device
  • Printer-Friendly
  • People can read anywhere anytime


Advantages for you and your students

  • Institution
    Eliminates royalty paid for copyright
    (e.g. chart, diagram, figure, photo, sentences)
  • Students
    Minimises expenses on textbook
    Learn whitout obstacle (esp. Distant learning)

BEP and Bookboon are joining the “zero textbook cost” initiative, by offering inexpensive subscription to Bookboon. These books are the perfect match for your courses inBusiness, Economic & Finance, Engineering, Science, Math & Statistics, IT and many MORE!

4-Level Quality Check

  • 1st : by Publisher and top expert of the field
  • 2nd : Peer-review by other experts
  • 3rd : (California State of University)
  • 4th : by readers

Not found in any bookstore, the Bookboon platform is easy to use and free demos are available to you today. BEP has partnered with Bookboon to sell these ebook subscriptions here in the US, and we’d be happy to discuss the books, the features, and pricing with you today!

If you’d like any pricing information on any these, please contact :